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..first off, I would like to sincerely thank everyone that posted, can't begin to express the extent of my gratitude! These last 3 yrs have been the toughest in my life & GW seemed to be the cherry on the cake after a nasty divorce, losing my home, job and experiencing my dad's death and finally meeting a great guy getting pregnant and having a stillbirth of course right after losing med insurance. I read these pages like a bible during treatment: sometimes for advice on the disease, other times just for support; THANK YOU. for my advice/experience:
My background: 25yr female, 3 sexual partners, GWs began to show following a severe ITCHY burning rash 1 month after losing the baby. Rash lasted 3 weeks. (*1 see note below about pregnancy.) It was difficult to giagnose because they didn't develop into warts until 3-4 months down the road, at first they were more flat, slightly white, were nearby eachother but not in clusters like most ppl, and started above labia not at vaginal hole also unlike most people. Another thing that threw off diagnosis was I had a severe yeast infection due to recent loss of baby & antibiotics & didn't have doc to tell me most the itching was unrelated. Warts began to mature into small eraser-sized white lumps. Had 3 near labia by month 3, about 6 at month 4, about 25 (most small/undefinable, 5 small warts, the 3 originals turned to eraser sized). They were spreading fast, I had no insurance, it affected intimacy with my partner which was devastating after the loss of our unborn baby and I had extreme depression over a multitude of trials in my life and this was the straw that broke my camel back. It was obvious we needed a solution.

If you're going through something similar: it gets better I promise; home treatment of GW is a long process, it seems most of the lucky quick-recoverers remembered to post here but not all longterm treatment warriors remember to post their advice. So take a deep breathe, set your resolve for a healthy genatalia once more and only look forward, do not get disappointed if GW don't go away right away.

Solution: Time to conquer!
TOPICAL TREATMENTS: After multitude of hrs researching, the best/most effective treatment it seems is apple cider vinegar(ACV). I'm not a doctor so I do not understand the entire process but I believe the concept is to fool the body with the 5% acid in the ACV into boosting your immune system in that particular region by slightly damaging skin and in the process breaking down the warts' malformed cells and healing into normal healthy skin (*2 see hazards for ACV). Other types of vinegars will work as well, however, ACV doesn't smell quite as bad and has an ideal acid %. GWs are difficult to treat because most of them are below the skin so to make them apparent: wipe skin with ACV and after a little while all warts, even warts under the flesh will appear 'wet' and turn whitish scar colored. For the first treatments I would NOT recommend leaving anything soaked in ACV on general genetalia area as some others have found success doing. Instead I suggest finding where all GWs are located using aforementioned ACV method and start by merely dabbing on ACV on specific areas before bed every night for a week or so & washing with dove soap the next morning. If skin becomes raw at any point discontinue ACV until it heals and apply vit E oil out of the capsule to prevent scarring. Before the week is out you will have a feel for the routine, listen to your body don't listen to my instructions you'll know whether to continue applying more frequently or less. (*3 see trial and error notes) Continue use until warts are COMPLETELY gone and don't forget the ones you located under the skin they may rise later if not careful.
Success stories from the cancer preventing agent EGCG are also great. It's a slower but safer method if ACV doesn't work. Apply it daily and up dosage after a week trial period. You can find it in extract form and mix it with a variety of compounds: asprin (also fights warts but might sting), shea butter or eucerin CREAM (if sensitive skin), or just water (but it may dry and fall off onto clothing eventually.) ECGC is the extraxt found in most teas, green tea having the highest amount. Drink as much green tea as you can.
Garlic is another natural wart fighter. Use same instructions as ACV or ECGC to apply garlic paste.
There are other methods but they are either too painful or cost too much $ to bother making note of them here on the home remedies website.

Remember your goal is boost immune system, so supplements work as well! You can choose to take only supplements and forego topical treatments but it will take at least 6 wks to 3 months to begin healing. You can also take any or all of the following supplements along with topical treatments: one a day multivitamin, ECGC supplement, rose hips, apple cider vinegar supplement(*4 see notes on effectiveness), elderberry, all B vitamins, calcium and many others have helped past GW victims.

Hope this gives hope to others as it was given to me, best of luck! And remember patience is a virtue :)

-Try and keep downstairs as dry as possible, use the blow dryer after the shower if needed.
-Drink green tea as regularly as possible
-Steady your time schedule & work on boosting immune system. Bodies need their internal clocks finely tuned so get regular sleep & regular well rounded meals.

*1) for those women out there going through a pregnancy, just had a child, or dealing with the loss of your baby: it was difficult to find info on why I had this rash (GW had not risen yet) and as I did not have insurance anymore I couldn't ask doc, so after extenssssive research I found that essentially your body is taking care of the babe and defenses are down and it is not uncommon for a GW outbreak even if you'd been a carrier for years and haven't yet had an outbreak ESPECIALLY if the doctor gave you antibiotics. So don't be alarmed that your partner was unfaithful and contracted GW without telling you unless obviously if they test positive. But it is your moral obligation to let them know you have GWs and may have contracted it years ago from a previous partner. Wish I would have known this it would have saved a few stressful fights

*2) true, ACV is the most effective if used right but please, please do not be an over acheiver, this still is acid! Some people recommend starting with keeping the ACV on for 12hrs straight, but also ended up with burning scarring having unbearable itchy deep raw spots, not a fun thing to be in public and have a tender downstairs! Please be careful, start off simply applying once, not keeping any papertowels or panty liners down there until you are certain your body can handle it!! Otherwise, ACV doesn't interfere with other medicines, require going to doc, or require a scalpel (YIKES) so I still recommend it with caution.

*3 if you have raw skin everywhere but the warts (extremely frusterating) then lessen the amount you are applying and make sure your clothing doesn't soak it up and continue to rub the skin with acv.

*4 from my research it seems the jury is still out on whether ACV oral supplements actually help the healing of already risen warts but many people recommend them

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Let me tell u a little about myself. I'm 20 years old, a female, and have had 3 partners. I noticed these flat white bumps between my labia minora and labia majora. I hadn't thot anything of them at first, until I went to gyno and diagnosed me w GW. Worst day of my life. Applied TCA and didn't work (this was in sept). Now that I've been insepcting my va-jay-jay more often, I noticed additional growths inside the va-jay-jay. Went to the gyno again and said they were skin tags, a type of wart. She didn't want to treat me again (had no idea why). Hadn't thot about using home remedies until around November-ish. Started with ACV but omg it burned my skin off and I was in so much pain, it was so tender down there. Next, I moved on to tea tree oil. I started treating the GW on the outside first, and after about a week, all of my skin fell completely off. The diff btwn ACV and TTO is that TTO didn't leave any bloody or exposed areas. Yea the skin fell off, but it was like a snake shedding its skin. I peeked down there again and noticed a reduction in size and number of warts. Not completely gone though. So I moved on to the GW inside my va-jay-jay and I expected to see the same thing. But now, I'm noticing more blood and it hurts more than the first time. Idk if this is normal? Or what! The good thing about TTO is that it doesn't burn on open sores, like ACV does. Anyways, I'm taking garlic pills, vitamin A, B, C, D and cat's claw. Anything else u recommend?? Also, I've been noticing changes in the size of my labia minora, is this something I should worry about? I'm so scared. The worst thing is I'm going thru this alone bcus I can't tell my parents about it. Oh and of course, no insurance :/


I can understand the frustration of getting diagnosed from a doc that will not help, my friend, it is difficult to stay at 3 partners, and after the hard work of maintaining a fairly clean and 'karma-friendly' lifestyle you seem alone and frankly I felt a changed or tainted person. It's hard not to have anyone to talk to especially for us ladies. But hopefully I can supply a little more advice :)

After my research it seemed very common for most doctors to deny treatment for this because of the liability of any treatments scarring or messing up your bodies natural balance with too many wart-killing but harsh substances, unless of course you want to pay them hundreds to get a burning treatment with low success rates.

That being said, TTO is also a good treatment, it may take longer than ACV. The reason being is that TTO just dries the wart out, it doesn't physically break GW's down like the ACV does; think of it as the ACV being more of an offensive and aggressive quick method where TTO is defensive which is actually safer. But it still is just as equally affective just not so invasive.

I have a question followed with good and bad news. Question: is the bleeding coming from within your uterus or more just an open sore on sensitive skin bleeding where you are directly applying TTO? I'm going to assume for now it's just those poor lil sores givin ya trouble and spotting/bleeding. We'll get the bad out of the way first...No matter what, just about any topical substance will piss that area off around the vaginal opening so naturally you're body isn't going to be able to handle the new harsh TTO, imagine puttin it in your eye..ow! GOOD news is this is normal if my assumptions were correct on the amount of bleeding. Any bleeding down there is extremely scary and that's good that you are aware and monitoring the progress closely. But what I would recommend is minimizing (or if needed taking out) the TTO just in the bleeding areas until they heal a bit. If you are brave enough you can try TTO treatments again and don't overdo it. The negative thing is the most successful way to heal those pesky ones that manage to clutter your inner vajayjay is from the inside out by taking supplements and just improving health in general which takes a little longer (about 45 days). You are definitely on the right track with your supplements, good girl! Another inside->out treatment is simple: green tea. If you aren't much of a tea fan try starbucks sweetened shaken iced green tea and note how you can add splenda or sugar or a favorite syrup flavoring to iced tea and its an addicting replacement for water!! My fave: melon syrup & iced green tea :) Like I said in my original post patience is sometimes necessary for those hard to heal areas that are left for last.

As for the outer GW's, you said they minimized but my best advice I can give is if you found a method that your body seems to be responding to without too much discomfort then by all means continue that method religiously until every spec is gone! These things have a nasty way of resurfacing every now and again so with diligence you can prevent that by making 100% sure they are all gone during the first major treatment. HPV (GW's) is a virus just like any common cold and unless you initially allow your body to heal fully, your body won't be able to create enough antibodies to fight off that particular virus until it keeps coming back and your body finalllly catches up and can keep it in check. So moral: do it right the first time, I was lucky enough to do it and remain clean since then so there's a good chance you can too :)

Concerning the labia minora change in size: bigger or smaller? The only reason I would imagine it would get smaller is by exercise or hormonal changes such as menopause or maybe just getting over puberty at a late age or even changes in birth control (smaller isn't uncommon for menopause). I have to apologize for the graphic details I know it's not pleasant to discuss, but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it got a little larger, I believe mine did. You have to remember its just a virus so it might swell down there, just like the common cold makes your glands around your neck swell to accommodate all your immune fighters to attack the virus. I forgot how long my labia had been swollen and was surprised to have a 'prettier' tighter one after the outbreak went down.

I hope that answered all your questions I apologize for the lengthy reply I just know how it is to be alone and have no resources. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to email me or to anyone else that is in need of advice or support but please use a discreet subject title :) haisnowboarding at hotmail dot com. You can do this girlfriend, sounds like you're on the right track!!


Hey my name is bob and I am 26 just found out I might have genetal warts and I am very upset and scared don't know what to do but very interested in still dating but if I have this how can I I would never want to give it to anyone else but I have a addiction to sex lol what should I do I would like to be happy but until I figure out what to do then I can try to be happy well if u can write back then it will be great thank u

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