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When you feel a cold sore forming, make a paste out of Zest bath soap, let it dry, and rinse off. This will pull moisture out of the cold sore. Do several times a day.

Ever notice when after using bleach your hands are dry, cracked? When a cold sore is forming, before it weeps, put a dab of bleach on it. This will certinally pull moisture out of it.

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I tried this except I used Dial Antibacterial soap and it worked. It dried the sore out, I was left with a scab that eventually fell off.


I tried putting bleach on a cold sore once and my entire lip swelled up and I had to go to the Dr. It got so infected it looked worse than the cold sore would have, and I had more discomfort and it lasted much longer. I would not recommend using bleach.


I tried this & it really worked. Instead of taking 2-3 days to dry up the cold sore, it dried up in 1 day!!


Please do not use bleach. I tried it and it burnt my whole upper lip and skin. It took almost a week to heal. The person who keeps writing this is a fraud and should be banned from these web sites.


BLEACH! What a great Idea, I worked for a chiropractor for years, he prescribed bleach for strept throat(just use as a rinse), canker sores, poison ivy, chicken pox, acne. Please, Please dilute it to 1/4 soln, and stay out of the sun. Don't apply more than 4xdaily. It is safe as a gargle soln too. Ask any periodontist. It's called Dakin's Solution. Widely used in the medical profession, has been for generations. Have you ever noticed that swimmers have perfect skin? Weather or not it is an indoor pool, swimmers have to acne, during the swim season.

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