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I accidently stumbled upon a simple and healthy way to clear toe fungus and not to mention other health benefits,
Drinking Aloe Vera naturally. I buy plant leafs and make this juice three times a week by remove the gel and mixing it with a little juice. (taste better that way)

I started taking It for other health benefits but amazed how my toe nails began to look after several weeks.

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I thought Aloe Vera was posionous if consumed?


No, you can drink Aloe Vera. Start with a small amount to make sure you are not allergic. It is very good for hair, skin, and nails. Though if you consume too much, it may cause diarrhea. The best bet is to purchase the premixed drinks at your local drug store until you understand how your body adapts to it and go from there. Of course, research it and speak to your doctor before adding anything extreme to your diet.


Noooo that sounds way too scary for me.

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