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Oh, I feel bad for anyone going through this pain. I have had several abcessed teeth over the years and the pain is truly unbearable. Of all the different kinds of pain there is, abcessed teeth has got to be one of the worst, if not the worst. Here are some things that have brought me temporary relief.

Cold..either applied directly to the tooth or held to the cheek. Helps with pain, but the downside is that sometimes the pain will come back even worse when you stop applying ice.

Hot..a warm heating pad or bean bag heated in the microwave can also relieve pain, however I have heard that heat can draw the infection deeper into the cheek and jaw which is not such a good thing.

Rinses with either saltwater or good strong mouthwash can provide relief at the onset of an infection, once the infection is bad and the pain is constant than these rinses don't help much.

Clove oil..oh yes! this one does help with pain a great deal. It tastes terrible and it burns the tongue and lips. It can also be difficult to get it directly into the tooth, but it's worth working at because it really does numb the area completely.

Sleep in a sitting position whenever possible. For some reason the pain becomes even worse when trying to lay down. A recliner is great if you have one. I don't have a recliner anymore so I just have to kind of prop myself up in bed. Problem is that once I fall asleep, I will lay down and the pain will be back.

Teabags..this works too but I have always found it a difficult item to work with. It's hard to get the bag into the correct position and when I finally do, I am uncomfortable and drooling. Worth the pain relief though.

Finally when all else fails, get prescription antibiotics if you can. Normally they take 24-48 hours before you will feel relief. One way I have found to speed this up, is that instead of just swallowing them like a pill, I a pill up and then hold it in my mouth, allowing it dissolve directly into my tongue and gums. This seems to work because I usually have total relief within 12 hours.

Lastly, we are all going to end up at the dentist at some point. Dental infection cannot be completely destroyed with either home remedies or even prescription drugs. A little infection always hides within the tooth where antibiotics cannot reach. As soon as treatment stops this tiny little infection will start breeding, until eventually it will rage out of control again. For some people this happens within just a few weeks of treating the initial infection and for others it takes many months before the pain returns. But it will come back and often times when it comes back it is resistant to treatment and much more painful, so please try to find a way to see a dentist if you can.

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