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I have had my plantars wart for about a year and let me tell you its painfull!! but i heard from a friend that had had two plantars warts before. They are called 'plantars Warts* because the bottom of the plantars wart is a black root that grow into your foot. meaning 'planters wart' haha soo to get rid of mine i started wearing duct tape over mine but i first used ACV then the duct tape for about a week. i then put clear nailpolish over it EVERY single day. I assure bu this works!!! My doctor told me this wouldnt help but when i started doing it and came back when it was all gone he couldnt beleive it and he told me he reccomends it to his other patients with plantars warts!!!!

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They are actually called plantar warts because they are generally on the plantar side of your foot, meaning the bottom or the sole.

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