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Thanks to our 'lovely' government officials that decided that we no longer need dental insurance even though an abcessed tooth can kill you(and they still pay for breast reductions)I am stuck with my screwed up teeth that get infected at least twice every three months. I found this site and now I don't feel alone that in itself helps. A tea bag helps but I also use just plain baking soda and you wouldn't believe the relief I got. Everyone is different so each person needs to find the remedy that works for them. I hope that this helps at least one person out there. I have had so many infections I lost count and am hoping our government comes around before it kills me. Thank you:)

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I have an abscessed wisdom tooth and I was in a lot of pain last night so I lanced the abscess the. Used listerne to wash my mouth out then I did two rounds of the black tea bags, then did some pure vanilla extract, gargled with poroxide and some orajel an took an antibiotic pill and today I am pain free still a bit sore but the pain went away.

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