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take a green lemon wash it and peel it, then put the peel on painfull tooth with the outer skin of peel on the painfull tooth, then clench your jaws tight,bitting into the peel for two minutes.... this has allways worked

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My tooth has been hurting for the past couple of days. Not having any type of insurance, it has been hard to see a dentist. So it's about 5am and I'm about to extract my own tooth. Nerves are pounding in my lower jaw. I decided to extablish some type of home remedies. I tried the VINGER, TEA BAG, ASPRIN but nothing seem to be helping. So I went on a hunt through my cabient and ran cross a bottle of almond extract. POUR A LITTLE ON THE SPOT. WHAT WONDERS IT DID, IT STOP THE PAIN RIGHT ON THE SPOT. NEVERLESS IT WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH BUT IT SURELY STOPS THE PAIN. SO I HOPE THIS WOULD HELP THE NEXT PERSON OUT.


A green lemon is called a lime


Not, lime is a lime. A green lemon is a lemon that isn't ripe yet.

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