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Eat some raw garlic....i have been pain free for 2 days now....the one advil pm i took 2 days ago could not possibly be keeping the pain down... red gumline and swelling definitely subsiding...caution raw garlic will burn your mouth so put it in sugar or honey first...and thanks so much to my childhood dentist you sadist. I tried salt water, peroxide, orajel, et cetera but garlic really has done the trick..

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On 12/16/10. I put a piece of garlic on my gums. The next day.. the infections did come back once. Today Saturday.. it's still clear. I've had this abscess for 2 or 3 weeks. Glory to God!!! No pain.. my gums look pink.. I put some on my gums last night and ate some and will today too make sure it's all knocked out. I was tolded I'd have to have my tooth pulled.. I don't see a need for it now!! Glory to God!! Healing has come!!

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