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Okay, so developed eczema the winter before i turned 18. It slowly became worse, but once summer hit, it completely disappeared. It did not return until that October. Itching became horrible. Olive oil helped the itching, but the feeling was disgusting on my skin. A friend of my mom's suggested using Vasoline before showers on the affected areas because water increases dryness, and vasoline repels the water. It definately did its job. I went to the doctors, and they perscribed a 2.5% Hydrocorizone cream. He also suggested Lac-Hydrin Five. The combonation of the three worked wonders.I use the lotion and seroid twice a day, and it is almost completely gone after five days. I HIGHLY suggest Lac-Hydrin Five. It works wonders. A bit pricey, but well worth it! Good luck to anyone who suffers from Eczema. It's no fun. Hope this works!

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so u put on the vasoline before u shower, but when u put soap on it doesnt it wash away????????? just sayn it might be water resistant but its not soap resistant. water helps your skin absorbs the lotions and oils


I'm using Hydrocortisone 2.5% & it's not working for me, anymore...dermatologist has tried soooo many steroids, creams, ointments, etc. They all help for a little while & then stop working. I'm at my wits end with this...I'm so glad it worked for you!!


i have eczema on my feet i was told to put vasoline over it then rap it with plastic wrap for over night


Lac-Hydrin is a really great product. When I had a serious bout of eczema this helped to dry it out and get rid of the spots. I definitely agree with your suggestion of it.

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