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I like many others on this site dont have insureance, and I have been in sever pain for the past two days. I too found this website in desperation in the early morning hours. After reading pages and pages of remedies I decided to try a few here is what I tried.
1. Pure Vanilla- while this didnt take away all of my pain, it took some of the edge off.
2. Tea Bag- I heated up some water and put the tea bag in so that it was wet and absorbed the warmth (which helps me) and placed it next to my tooth. This didnt help much with the pain either it was a little better.
3. Bread- someone suggested putting bread in the hole in your tooth so that air couldnt get to the root... this totally didnot work it only made my pain worse when it started to expand!!!
4.. Finally in desperation I tried putting tooth paste on it... No help at all.

So what I did was brush my teeth again thourghly and then I got a qtip and got out some vasoline (petroleum jelly) and put that in where my root was exposed and my pain got about 80 percent better... just engouh for me to fall asleep. I do believe that it was a combination of everything I tried that got me this point not one particualr thing. I hope this helps someone else! :o)

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teabags work for a bit, but what helped me sleep was the petroleum jelly. Just a dab with a q-tip :)


hey-thanks for the vasoline trick-u made my night a whole lot better-gah tooth pain is terrible


Stick with the jelly, my dentist told me bread in your mouth chemically turns into sugars and will decay your teeth even more. :(


the bread will hurt because of the high sugar content in of luck steer clear of sugar

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