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I have had GH for 10 years now and for some reason my main Trigger is STRESS! So I don't always have the money for valtrex or acyclvoir because they are very expensive! Normally I only get 1 to 2 outbreaks a year but sometimes it can be just like the very first and everyone knows what that one is like! So I started thinking what would give me relief so that it stops itching and would dry up THANK GOD for my 3 y/o because I thought WAIT diaper rash~ So I took Baby Desitin and Baby Powder and it took the itch and pain away BE VERY CAREFUL USING THESE ITEMS IF YOU HAVE KIDS I RECOMMEND USING GLOVES BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO PUT THE GERM ANYWHERE NEAR THE ITEMS YOU PUT ON YOUR CHILD!!! Good Luck and I hope this helps

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I had a question. I'm not sure if I have it our not and I'm sort of freaking out because I've been with my husband and only my husband for 9 yrs. I've never had any signs of herpes or anything. Now I have this lump that appeared 2 days ago. I just don't understand and I know I should go to the dr and I will if it doesn't go away by this weekend, but I'm not sure how to explain this to my husband cuz he's going to think I'm cheating and I swear I'm NOT! I guess I just wanted to know can it really just pop out for the first time 10-15 yrs later? Thanks


Genital herpes are open sores that stings when it comes in contact with urine and itch like hell. If u just have a lump, then it can't be herpes. Go to the doctor


I disagree with the last comment. My FIRST outbreak started exacty the way you described, immediate open sores, puss...ugh, the worst experience ever. However, a few days ago, I noticed a small bump growing right above my clitoris. It wasn't until today that it actually started developing a noticable puss bubble. I don't mean to be too graphic but over the past few hours, more bumps and sores have started devoloping. Plain and simple, if you have a feeling that this might be herpes, then it probably IS or some other type of horrible disease. Never gamble with your health. Your genitals (mouth, etc.) should NOT have any bumps on them. See a's so important.

...I was in the same exact position you were in. I had my first herpes outbreak after 2 years of being with my husband and he is still to this day the only man I've ever been with. He has never had any symptoms. I sat him down after I had been diagnosed and I told him exactly what the doctor told me. If you have an honest and trusting relationship, there's no reason why he would doubt you. My marriage is still as loving and happy as it's always been. I wish you all the best.

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