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mary francis

Hi my name is Mary Francis im 16 and have massive stretch marks. I was so embarrassed to wear a bikini and shorts. but than i descovered prepration h 2x a day everyday i know it sounds insane but it worked wonders =] i hope it works for you too.

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did it really work ? im desparate !!!


What did you put on? I have stretch marks do to my pregnancy and feel really sad =(

Mary Francis

All I used was the prepration h. It worked wonders. I had them on my legs frome my hips and thighs down to the back of my knees. I applied it 2-3 times a day EVERY day and in a few months (if that)they were so faded and not rough like before. my sister even thought they were completely gone because she actually had to look for them unlike before when you could probably see them from a mile away haha


did you use the ointment , gel or wipes ?


theres like many different preparation h's, which one exactly did you use ?


hey i love in canada where can i find preparation h?


it might be the Preparation H gel


any type of preparation h or even the generic brand, i used the suppositories and left them at house temperature, then i peel one or two open and rub them in my hand first to melt them smooth like a cream and then just rub it over the stretch marks, really works like magic to ur eyes! i swear

Mary Francis

I used the ointment. yo can find it at most local drg stores or even jst a convinience store like wal mart is where i get mine it really works and for any more qestions if needed you can email me at if you wold like since it takes me a while to be able to reply on here.


The preparation H most likely works because of the witch hazel in it, but it is a known proven remedy!

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