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Okay so instead of using salt and warm water, just snort up a little bit of vinegar up your nose. I know it sounds scary but it really does work. I have been congested in my nose for 3 days and i finally decided to do it. I put a couple drops of vinegar in a regular spoon and I put the spoon in my nose and snort in some of it. But in order to really get it up there you have to tilt your head back (facing the ceiling). You will feel a burning sensation and it will be pretty potent so beware. But afterwards, your nose will start to get rid of the congested mucus. Immediately I blew my nose and alot of it came out. I feel like I can finally breath again. Do this in both nostrils as well.

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Well it works! But holy cow that burnt pretty badly! Hahaha

stephhh && caseyyy

this burnt horribly and it did not work! >:(




Honestly the burn wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but that could be because I immediately started sneezing! :] haha I can definitely breathe again and mucus is coming out like crazy! Thanks!!


Just tryed this and oh my it burns but well worth itworks!!!!! Thanks.


Totally works! But burns really bad!


WTF!!! Why would someone suggest doing this oz forum where people are asking for help with a health problem!!
I am very disappointed in myself for even being stupid enough to try this!! DO NOT DO THIS.
burnt my whole nasal passage, had extreme headaches and hit and cold sweats.

What a dangerous thig to post.

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