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Treatment for Canker Sores:

Poor man's Debacterol:
I've never had a canker sore, but my son and wife have suffered with them for years. A few years ago my son (now 20 years old) was treated by his Orthodontist with Debacterol (RX med), and it worked wonders! I'm told the pain is nearly 100% gone in just hours or sometimes minutes. Overnight it becomes obvious that the sore is on it's way to total recovery. Search Debacterol for an explanation for why it works. But apparently the acid sort of cauterizes the nerve endings and stops the inflamation which is why the pain goes away so fast.

So what it Debacterol? It's pretty much just sulfuric acid (battery acid) with a local anesthetic of some sort to numb the tissue as it's being treated.

So once my son was no longer seeing the Orthodontist, he began treating himself by literally dipping a cotton swab into the car battery (pop the cap off) and dabbing it on the sore for a minute or two. He says it hurts like crazy for a few, but then it's over and results for healing are the same as Debacterol.

Spot treat only the affected area being careful not to get acid on healty tissue or your teeth. Treat sores sooner rather than later. And you might even want to have some baking soda in water handy to rinse and neutralize the acid after treatment.

You might also considered using something like Anbesol to numb the area before treatment. But if you're tough, then man up and go for it. I'm told it's totally worth the few minutes of pain to have the sore over and done with. My wife now treats this way too.

The last time we had a car battery die, I siphoned off some of the acid and put it in a plastic bottle so they no longer have to dip in under the car hood. An ounce or two is probably a lifetime supply.

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Back in the early 50's our dentist gave my mother a small bottle of liquid that she would dip a toothpick into and then touch it on our canker soar's. Their was no pain and it healed immediately What it was I have no clue but the Dr. would never give us any more. i wonder now if it wasn't possibly battery acid.


this isnt a HOME REMEDY MORON! if you have to go to a doctor its not a home remedy


This has to be fake. Putting battery acid in your mouth? And storing it in a plastic bottle?

Yeah right.

Please people, use some common sense.


My mom is a RDH with the Rx debacterol. You would be correct as to what it does. (pretty much burning a whole in your gums) you need to be Very careful when using it and it hurts like a b**ch. It has the same acidic quality as battery acid, although it is not battery acid.
Now the kicker, they no longer allow use of debacterol to cure canker sores in dentist offices (at least where I live) because of the large misuse of the drug. The crappy part of idiots, taking everything away that works because people abuse it.

Feeling Better

It definitely works! You must have a doctor or dentist prescribe it for you. I suffered from a horrible case this past weekend up until today, where there were clusters of tiny canker sores in my mouth. The pain started on Friday, the sores appeared on Sunday and on Monday I wanted to cut my head off because the pain was so unbearable. I got the prescription yesterday(Tuesday), it took 1 day for it to come in and after using it two hours ago, I have no pain. The pain stopped right after application. One warning though, it burns really really bad upon application. I numbed the area with anbesol before using the debacterol, because I read about the burning, but I still felt the burning so it's serious. With that being said, 10 seconds of burning is well worth it. It ended days, and maybe even weeks of horrible pain I would've endured with the canker sores!

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