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Hi guys - I am busy getting rid of my fungus sooo easily - you need:

1) a herbal nail application (one that absorbs into the nail - they use this at salons - I use 'The Nail House - tea tree and lavender antifungal and antiseptic thymol)

2) Any LIQUID anti fungalmedication (I have Mycospor made by Bayer)

3) Thin injection needle

Mix a small amount of antifungal medication into the herbal nail application (you may want to find another container to keep what you pour out). Pull up some of the liquid (about 1ml) and inject straight under the toe nail while holding the toe upright - I put the injection in as far as it will go without hurting me (go slowly), as some of the toe nail has lifted off the nail bed - you get less play with the needle the more the toe heals.

Keep your toes clean and do this as often as you like - at least every two days after a bath/shower is a good idea.

Happy healing!!! (I am in South Africa, so the products I am mentioning are available there)

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Just to let everyone know - my fungus has been totally gone since around June/July last year!!! (I posted this remedy)

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