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You guys were great help! I noticed a quarter-sized ring on the left side of my chin on Wednesday last week. By Friday it dawned on me that it was ringworm and I was mortified. I went into full attack mode and now its Tuesday and Its almost gone. Here's what I used with what results.

1. Clotrimazole & Betamethasone: a supposed stronger ringworm cream you can have prescribed to you. (I say 'supposed' because I've had ringworm on my leg before and this didn't seem to heal it any faster..) But I slathered it on constantly throughout the day.

2. Tea Tree Oil: OMG. This stuff is AWESOME. swabbed it on, it heats the skin a little but not enough to really burn your skin.

3. Nail Polish: Okay... this was great as a seal on my face when I was sleeping... but I think a liquid bandage would be a lot less irritating on the skin, while still suffocating the ringworm. It definitely works, but my skin was really irritated the mornings after. And nailpolish remover STINGS!!

Hope this helps! You guys are great!

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