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Natural Home Remedies for Infants:


* Soak a wash cloth in Chamomile Tea ( Herbal Tea ) for a while, Say 2 min. It can be given to the baby after freezing it. Pure water soaking is also a good instead of Chamomile Tea Socaking.

* Pour a spoon of olive oil on the gums of your baby and gently massage them, It helps the pain to subside.

* Select a piece of tender ginger root, wash it and rub it against the gums of the baby. This helps subside the pain of the baby.

* Freeze a baby carrot for a while and allow your baby to chew it instead of unwanted toys or materials.

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Not recommended. Babies can choke on pieces of raw carrots


Raw ginger can also burn if there is inflammation which is possible in this situation. Carrot that is to dicey. My little one was happy with the cool wet flannel with pre boiled water. His 4 months old


Although I used the washcloth method many moons poses a huge choking risk.

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