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So yeah, I got athelete's foot from the shower at the campground this summer, and had a heck of a time getting rid of it. I tried everything- tinactin, anti-fungal creams and sprays, but I work as a waitress and every time my feet got a touch of moisture, it came back. It was a good year for me to contract communicable disease- check out my post on head lice lol. I had that twice! Anyway here's what I did to finally rid myself of the fungus amongus!

You will need:
Apple cider vinegar
Fungi-cure liquid
Dawn dish soap
cotton socks (80%) at least

So my itching was so bad I seriously wanted to chop my foot off, I was losing sleep and patience, and those darn anti-fungal sprays gave some relief but were ineffective in the long run. The vinegar helped, but by itself wasn't enough. That's when I discovered fungi-cure liquid. It's a godsend. I think it's just basically tea tree oil and alchohol, but boy does it work. What I did was- when showering, scrub the feet vigorously with a shower puff and dish soap. (I used a special puff for my feet only) If you need to scratch, now's the time. It actually helps the other treatment work by opening up the sores, and of course the scratching feels really good. Then just before you get out, douse the feet in vinegar and let sit a while, then air dry. You can also do a soak in hot water and as much vinegar as you can stand. It burns, BTW! Make sure the feet are completely dry, and use the blow drier to dry between your toes. Then apply the fungi-cure liberally at least twice a day. Although I'll admit, once I found out that stuff worked I used it a lot more often. Wear flip flops or the cotton socks only during the day if possible, and change them if they're even a tiny bit wet. Wear different shoes every day to allow them to air out for at least 24 hours, and spray the inside with vinegar or sprinkle a little tinactin powder if you have some. Remember to keep your feet dry and in the future, always wear your shower shoes!!!

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