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Hey Everyone... I Have Been Having Horrifc Pain Since Last Sunday Night. I Just Like Ashley Have been Having Major teeth problems since I Had my son in 2000. I also have not done meth but my teeth lake dr's think im an addict. So I Have been in insufferable pain for like a week. I wanted to rip my carotid artery right out of my neck. I went to the er twice for a nerve block sunday 2am and 630 am. went to dentist monday morn... paid cash (again i have no dental insurance). they did an xray, charged me $125 and said they wouldnt remove my teeth til dec9th. great right. so i have been eating vicodin es like candy along with clindimycin 300 4xday. you would think after 3 days pain would subside well no. I have been vomitting from the pain meds and not getting much relief not to mention no sleep and a cold on top of it lol. so friday night sleepless again i came online and found this site. read posts for hours. was going saturday to buy a new car and knew id be fighting with some tard over prices etc so i decided to try the tea bag deal. Unbelievable! i kept it in for 15 min and no pain since! all the hardcore meds i was on and all week of pain and a simple teabag took it away! I will never forget this and i feel for everyone on here its a nightmare i wanted to die. i am still going to have teeth removed but i hope the next person up late with pain tried this. i also went out and bought a bottle of jd but i havent needed to try the alcohol nerve killing thing lol. good lock to all... and hope u stay pain free!

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