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Vitamin B Complex is important for healing and immune function.

Colloidal Silver destroys bacteria and viruses; can be taken internally and topically.

Apple Cider Vinegar kills the virus on contact.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic.

Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic; kills the virus on contact.

* Research before using *

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bill clinton

hey, i have a good idea for prevention...get your mouth off of other peoples cash and prizes!


antibiotics have NOTHING to do with viruses. a virus cannot be killed by an antibiotic, just bacteria.

Med.student , 4th yr

I'll try the Vinegar, cuz that helped for a wart I had.
Since worked on that kinda virus, might work on this one too... :)

(agree with the other comment: Antibiotics can not treat viruses. But I'm not sure if one knows if Tee Tree or Garlic has any antiviral effects)


I have had monthly outbreaks for 9 months. I can't figure how to stop them cheaply, but try these to ease discomfort. Plain yogurt applied directly on potential sores. Something about the live cultures helps. It really soothes! Also, if you can stand severe burning for about 20 seconds,try Camphor Phehique gel or liquid. Ladies, blot, don't wipe when you urinate during outbreaks.


Well i know that vinegar is good for a lot of things. Especially infections,and im thinking that maybe if applied at first of sign, well it just might pull the lil booger out. O.k., sorry bad joke, but vinegar would also help pull the fluid out to keep it from crusting.Cause i had hard pus like fluid under my skin on my finger.Soaked my finger and majically watched it pull it right out.


Tea Tree oil is antibacterial,anitviral and anit-fungal!!! Before posting comments, research first!


The Apple Cide Vinegar Is A MIRACLE Worker...I Had A Breakout And Just Happened To Read Up On Home Remedies And I Decided To Try The ACV Because I Had Some On Hand And Had Read Previously That It Works Pretty Well But I Never Imagined The Results I Received...It Feels Like My Lesions Went Away Instantly...This Is My New Secret Weapon!!!!!!!

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