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I had athlete's foot for months, and couldn't fully get rid of it. After reading the suggestions on here, I tried the tea tree oil mixed with aloe. I also thoroughly spray my shoes with Lysol spray as soon as I take them off. I can't afford to just throw away my shoes and buy new ones. Of course, I'm cleaning my bathtub with bleach and then spraying with Lysol after I rinse it. I am also spraying the bathroom floor and bathmat. I rinse my clothes with 1 cup of vinegar added to the washer instead of fabric softener. I noticed an improvement right away. Before, even though the rash was gone, my feet would suddenly start itching intensely at times, sometimes during the day, but often at night. One thing I started doing that I think was the key for me--I spray my bed with Lysol when I get up, especially where my feet were. No more late-night itch.

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