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Until I found this quick, easy and inexpensive treatment, I suffered for years with chronic athlete's foot infections. I have spent a fortune on various remedies over the years to get each infection under control. Within a few weeks, after each “cure”, the infection would be back. Early on I learned to do a better job of keeping my feet clean and dry, changing shoes or insoles frequently, always wearing clean dry socks, etc., etc., which helped but did not stop my chronic problem. Then I discovered what seemed like a miracle at the time. I simply started to apply 99% isopropyl alcohol on and between my toes every morning as part of my routine (note that the 70% solution is not as effective). I have been infection free continuously for several years now, ever since I started applying the alcohol daily. Nothing could be easier or cheaper and it is readily available at most drug stores. I use a small plastic bottle with a dispensing tube on its end to control the amount applied each morning. This absolutely works for me.

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