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i have this bad toothache twe on the same side of my mouth and its annoying
i have read some of these remedys as well as added my own and so far so good!

1. swish vinegar around on the sore tooth/teeth

2. smoke pot

3. listen to led zeppelin.

4. pain free

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I don't know about the Led Zepplin, but the other two suggestions fixed me! :)


Lmao right on...... smoking pot and listening to led zeppelin always helped mine....


the smoking one does work alot

sasha s

sure helps

amanda chamberlain

smokin pot defff listening to music deff..... vicodin def,.,,,,,


POT #1 remedy for me :/ i swear by it


I wish that this worked for me!! :( i tried that cause it was my first response and it made it hurt even worse :( even the compliant shit hurt!! made me sad i cant smoke for a dew days


I love smoking pot. However, it makes it much worse for me. It somehow accentuates the pain.


relieves majority of my pain and definitely relieves the frustration. My family agrees cause I havent been very pleasant til now.


So, I gargled rum
Smoked some
and I'm watching NatGeo. I feel much better.

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