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I would like to give you all a WARNING about rinsing your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. DO NOT rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide if you have Fillings in your teeth. The peroxide will loosen the fillings and THEY WILL FALL OUT. I know this from personal experience.
A few years ago I read on the label of my Walgreens bottle of peroxide (3%) that it can be used as a gargle or rinse. So I did this for a couple of weeks periodically and shortly thereafter my fillings started falling out. Not all at the same time but over a span of a month or so they fell out Not all of them did because I stopped rinsing with it. I went on line and read somewhere that gargling or rinsing with peroxide will dammage amalgamated fillings. I believe it said that it attacks the cement that holds them in. And it did. This is no joke. I am not kidding. Do yourself a favor and try all of the other remedies before you do the peroxide thing or you will be in worse condition than you are now.

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thanks for the info


wish i saw this before a couple days ago lol fuckkk....... its a good thing im going to shands up in gainesville tomorrow....

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