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Simple cure is to rid all junk foods ,avoid chocolates caffine peanuts ,eat more healthy foods like apples, broccoli spinach ect. I use to have outbreaks daily until i tried this and it really works for me. A healthy diet equals a healthy immune system ,the only time i have outbreaks now is when i eat the wrong foods ! try it!!! This work better than what the doctor ordered ! relief Thank God

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This works MIRACLES. I've read a lot of forums, and tried a lot of remedies, but all they did was help dry it up after it had already showed its ugly face!

Go to, or just type in Trilex in google. Its a multi vitamin equip to keep them at bay! Its packed with L-Lysine among others. They are $30 for 90 capsules, or $60 for 270 capsules.

When I feel any sort of discomfort on my lips I take one or two Trilex capsules (depending on level of tingling) and if one pops up before I have time to do so I start taking them three at a time several times a day and it goes AWAY. I also use Abreva on site immediately when I feel anything. Hey it can't hurt! I carry Trilex and Abreva with me any time I'm staying over night ( I don't take any chances anymore!)

So I'm a broke college student, Trilex is kind of expensive, so I didn't buy it the month of September into October. In a month and a half I had three breakouts. Three. Big, Crusty, Yellow, Breakouts on my lips. Terrible. I wont go without it again. Before that it had been over a year, since then I haven't seen a thing, felt them (maybe) but haven't seen a thing.

I also keep some kind of lip moisturizer with me (Carmex, Blistex, something like that) that you can put on your finger and rub on your lips instead of applying straight to your lips. That way you don't infect it then touch it to your lips later on.

Drink lots of water, eat healthy food, and exercise. I know that phrase has been worn out over the years but breakouts occur when your immune system is suppressed, so keep yourself healthy! You will see a difference!


So- stay hydrated and healthy, and don't go anywhere without Trilex, lip moisturizer, and Abreva. Just give it a try, its like nothing else!

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