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Will D'Amato

Run water on the affected area. Gradually change the temperature from 'warm' to 'as hot as you can stand it' without scalding yourself. This releases the histamines, which cause the itching of the skin. They take about 6-8 hours to build back up thus giving you 6-8 hours of itch-free relief!

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Kevin Lustrup

hot water opens the pores of your skin thus making the rash spread much more easily. i would try something else.


Okay people! The only way to spread the rash is if the oil from the plant is still on your skin. Once it is washed off, it will no longer spread. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! The blisters do not contain active oil! However, you should try not to scratch, since it could cause an infection. Anyway, I also tried the hot water instinctively and Oh my God it works. It is the only way I can get any sleep. The hair dryer works too. They both give several ours of relief, but it has to be HOT! Just be careful not to burn yourself. Try it for your self and you'll see!


Extreme hot water treatment is very effective for itch relief and rather enjoyable when you've got the itch on your privates (i.e. ball sack). I dipped my entire unit in the hottest bowl of water I could stand and I'm telling you it is comparable to a multiple orgasm. If I could choose where I get poison oak I would hands down hope to get it on the old jewel pouch.

Dr. Quinn

First of all, it does not spread. Once your skin is affected by urushiol, only the spreading of the oil will cause more rashing. Any method of drying up the fluid in the blisters will speed recovery. Fact: Urushiol will still exist in the area of the ivy plant up to 5 years after the plant has died.


I was telling my son this morning that I thought I would cut my arm off today because I couldn't stand the itching anymore. I ran my arm under hot water and I can't believe I'm sitting here typing this feeling no itching at all. Something so simple! I also dabbed the area with bleach. Didn't sting so I'll see if these work. Thanks for sharing! You saved me an arm!

Lois of Wisconsin

My remedy for poison is unique and you need to have access to a dairy farm. With the farmers assistance, go at milking time, itch the poison ivy well and have the farmer squirt (straight from the cow) MILK on the poison ivy. Let dry. Repeat morning and evening for a couple of days. My father-in-law from South Dakota told me about it and it works great for those who have access.

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