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Will D'Amato

Run water on the affected area. Gradually change the temperature from 'warm' to 'as hot as you can stand it' without scalding yourself. This releases the histamines, which cause the itching of the skin. They take about 6-8 hours to build back up thus giving you 6-8 hours of itch-free relief!

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Absolutely the best remedy of all.
Save yourself some time and do this.
Found this out after 30 years of trying other remedies.


Been doing this for years. It works.


It does work but you have to make the water hot to the point that it is almost unbearable. Again, it does work. I'm allergic to Ivy and have done it myself


You would not believe the relief it gives running hot water over the infected areas.


What a relief!! It stops the itch for hours!


Yes it works, I had it so bad and couldnt get any relief until I came across this remedy. Thank God for internet


Yes it works and its almost orgasmic at this point lol I have had Poison Ivy for almost 3 weeks now and instintivly I did this with the hot water so it was freat to see this as a remedy. Just after the few hours it comes back at work though and it hasn't stopped the spread but it is relieving.

Terry C.

I've used this method for years, but instead of using hot water, I use a hair blower dryer. The heat is safer and easier to control than hot water. I hold the dryer on the blister until I can't stand the heat anymore. The blister gets intensely itchy as the histamines are released. I then repeat the process on another area. (This doesn't stop the spreading just the itching.)


heat makews it spread how can this work?


It works great! It stop the pain right away

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