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Ali B

Take cranberry supplements everyday if you have problems with bladder infections!

Take a double or triple dose if you feel one coming on!

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taking cranberry will not help relief u from a bladder infection.. u need antibiotics..See a doctor.. better yet go to the emergency room!


Super ecixetd to see more of this kind of stuff online.


actually, cranberry pills with plain white yogurt will do the trick if its caught in early stage. i nvr go to the doc for this problem and it works every time. also, i have noticed that if i do this for 3 days every month, its a great preventative measure. i haven't had one now for a year! at least try it, its inexpensive and IT WORKS (at least for me).


the cranberry supplements have been good for me, not everyone can run to the doctor or er everytime they get sick

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