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I have suffered with restless leg for many years -- even since childhood really and I'm now 36. My mom and sister and also late grandmother suffered from it as well. I am almost convinced, as another reviewer wrote, that it is related to lower back strain of some kind. Why? Because I tried an herbal oil remedy called 'Nightime Leg Calm' which is sold by Nature's Inventory. It's organic and completely natural. You rub some of this rosemary and other herb scented oil on your LOWER BACK and it creates a warming sensation. Your restless leg will disappear. It's only temporary and there have been one or two occasions when it didn't work for me. But most of the time, it works extremely well and I am able to sleep without a problem. I tried applying regular heat to my back but that doesn't work. I think the oil acts as a kind of muscle relaxer and calms whatever strain is causing an electrical pulse of sorts to shoot down your legs. I took an RX for this when I went on my honeymoon four years ago because I we were flying to Hawaii and I couldn't imagine being trapped on such a long flight with restless leg. The stuff backfired on me -- it worked great at first but then my body had what I found out is called a 'rebound' reaction where I needed more and more of the drug to get the same relief. It was awful. So I quit cold turkey. Now I just suffer with this and use the oil. It was terrible during my pregnancy. I also get it into my arms and upper back if it gets really bad. Try this oil -- it's only like $12 a bottle so if it doesn't work for you, no big loss. If it does -- you'll be sleeping like a baby. I hate the fact that doctors look at you sometimes like you're nuts when you tell them you have RLS. I pray somebody figures this out and finds a cure soon!

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Thank you I will try it! I have your exact problems and pregnant again! Fixing try tiger balm on lower back since thats all I have for now.


I can relate to everything you said and I will try this, thank you for sharing.


I relate to EVERYTHING you said. Im 40, been suffering since I was around 8. My mother would tell me that it was growing pains. well Im full grown with 3 kids. My last child is when I felt the pain the worse!!! I have tried everything. been on just about every medication. I am now gonna try what you have recomended. My life is so miserable with this pain. I always say to myself, if I only had an axe. I wish Doctors would take this RLS more serious and start looking for a cure. I think they look at it as menstural cramps and just gave it a name to shut us up!


I too have had RLS for years and it's getting progressivly worse...I too think it has something to do with the back and am glad to hear others think that as well..thanks for the info

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