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caribbean cherry

i am a 20 year old female. i got GW from an ex boyfriend. i have had it 6 months now. i was intensely stressed which caused it to spread more. i had them on my butt, my perineum (the fold of skin between the vagina and anus), and close to the opening of my vagina. i had one on my labia. easy home remedy i tried 3 days ago. you will need a plastic bag, 2 cloves of garlic, a pair of scissors, vitamin E oil capsules 1000 iu, sudocrem. step 1: cut the plastic bag into eight or 6 pieces with the scissors. step 3: place a peeled clove into a square or the plastic bag and wrap. step 4: put the wrapped clove in your mouth and chew, like it was food. (if u chew without the bag it would burn your mouth). step 4: open the plastic and make sure the clove is finely crushed, cut a hole in the vitamin E capsule and apply to the warts, then apply the crushed garlic. yes this will sting but it will wear off after 1-2 minutes. APPLY this to the warts twice a day for 2 Days. on the third day, after bathing apply Sudocrem. This will help the healing process. DO NOT APPLY FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT, YOU WILL END UP WITH SORES/BURNS.(i learned first hand) after a day the warts will turn black and start peeling off. and new skin will show probably pink/red, just apply sudocrem every day and it will speed up the healing process.

some people also recommended thinking happy thoughts all th time like 'i have clear skin' and it will take your mind off it. ease the stress, it worked for me. i read online that hypnotizing the mind into thinking you dont have warts will make them fall of. i viewed this healing video on YouTube, it helped calm me alot. maybe you can try it.

ps: washing with salt/ sea salt helps alot too
best of luck.

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i am freaking out!!! how could this have happened to me? i am so agry with myself and my sex partner. i notices these little prickly things in my perineal area and started looking into it. they looked like skin tags until i started looking at pictures of GW on-line and now i know they are not skin tags. i am going to the dr. on saturday morning and spending money on this that i should be spending on christmas shopping! WTF

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