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My mom taught me a remedy and it works! You just take a can of Cambels Chicken and Rice soup(heat it up on stove) and on the side have Saltine Crackers and a glass of orange juice. This actually works, my family uses this remedy alot! HOPE this remedy works for each of you.

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X on the Orange Juice.




Had really bad nausea for a whole day then did this and it worked. Thank you!


DON'T DRINK ORANGE JUICE! The citrus acid in the orange juice will make it feel waaayyyy worse! Trust me I've been sick for a long time with stomach aches and I've missed a couple months of school! It's a new school year and guess what!? My stomach hurts even more! I take a special probiotic called pb8 you can find it at a health food store! It works miracles for me!

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