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All right, all you mommies, it's that time of year again. Your child returns to school and brings a few unwanted guests to the holiday party! Head lice! The thought makes me cringe. Especially since they like me best. I've had lice twice on my adult life, and both times they bypassed my daughter's hair and decided to settle in on my head. I think it's because she uses coconut shampoo every day, and they hate the smell. Anyway, this is what I did to get rid of my little problem-

You will need:
1 bottle extra strength Denorex
1 bottle suave coconut conditioner
1 licefreeee spray with metal comb
yellow bottle of listerine
any kind of vinegar
coconut or olive oil
neem oil or teatree oil
blow drier or flatiron
shower caps
Lysol spray

So this sound like overkill, but if you've dealt with this problem you know, it's WAR! This will cost about as much as the RID 123, except it actually works. Before this I tried the RID, Nix, cetaphil, oil, vinegar, mayo, neem oil (worked the best- if you can get some add it to the coconut oil) Here's what you do: Saturate dry hair in the listerine first, make sure to put a towel over eyes because it burns but feels kinda good too. Put in a shower cap and leave on for 2 hours. Then comb out with the nit comb and rinse. Wipe the comb on a white towel or rinse after every stroke so you're not putting lice back in the hair. Then same thing with the vinegar, 2 hours with the shower cap. This loosens the nits. Comb again. You don't have to rinse out the vinegar though. Just put the oil on over the vinegar and go to bed. Make sure the hair is good and saturated. If you use teatree oil, use 15 drops only, as it can burn when applied full strength. It's best to work in sections. Also put a towel over your pillow to avoid a mess. Whatever wasn't killed by the listerine will be smothered. In the morning, comb hair again before washing with the Denorex and using the conditioner. You can also comb in the shower, using alot of conditioner. Then do your hair, flatiron every piece as close to the scalp as possible, killing all invisible tiny nits. Then apply licefreee to dry hair as directed. It smells like anise (licorice) but works well. This step may or may not be necessary, but it was the only thing that gave me relief from the one or two super guys I still had running around on my head. Some of those little buggers are hard to kill! You can let the licefreee air dry and wear it in your hair during the day. You can also wear gel or hairspray and pull hair back to avoid spreading this to others. Repeat treatment in 8 days to get any newly hatched guys that you missed the first time. You can also use the licefreee as needed in between, and oil your hair every other night, and flatiron every day. And comb and check every day. This is really the key, as you need to break the life cycle of the louse. There will be a point when it's vulnerable, before it reaches sexual maturity and has the opportunity to lay eggs. If you can kill it then you will be free! Don't forget to clean your environment! Wash anything you've worn in the past 48 hours, wash your bedding, then pop it in the dryer every day after that for 20 mins on high. Also do your coats, hats, stuffed animals, hair bands and brushes. Hair things can be boiled, sanitized in the dishwasher or put in the freezer overnight. You don't have to spend a ton of time cleaning. Just vacuum the couches and carpet, and spray some Lysol (works better than the lice spray and it's safe!) and change the sheets. Just remember, combing is the key, make sure it's a metal one not plastic, and make sure all infested members are treated at the same time to avoid reinfesting each other. God bless and good luck!

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Works GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the tip.


Thank you for the tips... my daughter has been infested for the last month or so now. And just when I think I've got them all, here they come again and I know because she begins to itch again. I'm trying this now and I hope it's the last of these darn things.

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