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okey so this is a tempory remedy but sure to work for all. if its a cavity fill it with bread so air cant get to the nerve when you breath.and have sex yep you read it right SEX. the chemicals your brain release during sex,endorfins etc will soon make you forget the pain and if there's no girl/guy available pam and her five sisters will do fine. the longer you can go the longer you are pain free but the pain usually comes back not long after your done. so happy humping:)

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when you in that pain you cant even think about sex............


Your tooth can't be hurting that bad. My tooth is so bad I can barely think straight, let alone get myself jarred around having sex. You're a guy, aren't you? Cause a guy can have sex through anything.


No really it is true if u want to be free of pain free for a bit try it!!!by the way I am a female!!!


This works before I had even checked this site out I was in real pain and I hadn't slept in ages n my gf must just got horny and afta sex I didn't feel any pain and fell straight 2 sleep, if u have a partner give it a try.


If it's that good, I end up grinding my teeth and making the problem even worse.


along with the sex part, masturbating works as well lol, i did it, and when i would, the pain totally subsided

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