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I've had my plantar wart for a while. I showed my friend and she told me her and my other friend had them before.
They told me that all they did was put clear nailpolish over the plantar wart.
So, I tried it. I can see it starting to die already, and it's only been about three days. It's absolutely painless!
The way it works is that the nail polish suffocates the wart.
Try this, trust me!

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I had a painful plantar wart on the bottom of my right foot. After reading all the home remedies, I decided to try the bee propolis just because it sounded the most natural. I bought a bee propolis cream from Forever Living products on Ebay. They have small samples for $1.50 each with 50 cent shipping. I did not know if this would be strong enough but to my surprise, my plantar wart went away after about a week of treatment. I noticed the pain diminishing after a few days. I put a good gob of the cream on the wart area and covered it with duct tape. I applied at night and in the morning. It is so interesting to read about all the different remedies that have worked with people. I hope that my post might be able to help someone else out.

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