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My little girl got a diaper rash yesterday that was to blisters in some areas. A friend of mine told me about tea baths. She has 4 children and swears by it.
All you do is run a warm bath and through tea bags in the water. You need it to be strong so I used around 12 regular tea bags. You have them sit and play in the tea as long as they'll stay or until the water starts to cool. I was able to get mine to stay 20 min.
I then put triple antibiotic ointment on her privates and powder on top of that.
We did this around 9:30pm and by 4:30am it was completely cleared.

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Holmes Family, Anaheim, CA

This tea remedy is amazing, I'm so thankful for the internet. I was able to find this information by Googling a question. I tried extra strength desitin & a&d but nothing was working for my 1yr old daughter. I search online & since this had so many positive reviews we started this ASAP. It worked almost instant since my daughter wasn't even comfortable sitting in the bath an hour before & in the tea bath she sat & played with no problem plus she was back to her happy little self again. <3<3 thank you to all the wonderful moms who take the time to give helpful advice.


Thanks for this. I'm getting a bath ready for my 9 month old right now. Nothing has been working so far. Thanks for the advise really hope it works as good for my little one.


My 9 Months old daughter has diarrhea witch cause her to have a bad rash on her botton, she cries every time I change her witch is every hr, I will be trying this remedy in a few minutes wishing i get the same results as everyone else.


Thanks so much to the person that posted this, I gave my Daughter the Tea bath about 2 hrs ago and she is already feeling so much better....

thank you once again.

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