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My little girl got a diaper rash yesterday that was to blisters in some areas. A friend of mine told me about tea baths. She has 4 children and swears by it.
All you do is run a warm bath and through tea bags in the water. You need it to be strong so I used around 12 regular tea bags. You have them sit and play in the tea as long as they'll stay or until the water starts to cool. I was able to get mine to stay 20 min.
I then put triple antibiotic ointment on her privates and powder on top of that.
We did this around 9:30pm and by 4:30am it was completely cleared.

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Just wanted to reply about the question regarding putting creams/ointment prior to bath...
Don't do it prior to the bath as all that will do is create a water barrier. Clean baby's bottom and then have the bath (the purpose being that u are trying to soothe and cleanse the irritated skin). Make sure that babe's bottom is completely dry after bath...pat don't rub and consider letting babe hang out with diaper for at least 5 to 15 mins. Then treat with cream or ointments. This way the rash will be try and then protected with a barrier from urine or poop.


Note: I meant to say 'make sure babe hangs out WITHOUT diaper for 5 to 15 mis...'


Nothing works better than nature. I never use doctor's chemicals, as they create even more problems than treat the existing ones. I boiled hot water, then filled up half a cup and put 2 teabags (organic green tea) in the cup. Hot water releases the nutrients into water. Then I waited for the water in cup to cool down (with teabags). Once it became warm, I took the teabags and pressed them with my fingers over my baby's affected area so it would drip over. I did it until there was no more tea left in the cup. I also put Calendula Diaper Rash cream on the affected area. It's all natural and is made by Weleda (in health stores).


My baby girl had the WORST diaper rash Ive ever seen for 2 weeks! I tried everything!!! I bought just regular tea bags($1.25) and added 1tbs of vitamin E oil($2), both purchased at Dollar General. She sat in the bath for 15mins and it was gone this morning! Wonderful treatment I will swear by it the rest of my life!


Tea is great! (it has lots of other uses to) Just one word of caution, NEVER use baby powder, the talc can be very dangerous when your baby inhales it, and as fine as it is it is impossible not to. Use corn starch instead, it's a great replacement for baby powder and helps prevent chaffing as well.

My quick tip, since tea can take a while to brew, I brew it in a large pitcher for a few minutes and then add to the water so it is ready as soon as I put him in the tub.


This worked! Right away my son was able to walk more waddling in pain. We only had green tea bags and he only spent about 10 minutes in the tub then we put Neosporin on the rash and what a huge difference the tea bath made! Thanks!!!


My baby girl is 11 mo and she had diarrhea in her sleep last night and when I woke up I changed her. It was awful. She has had diarrhea all day and every time I changed her she would SCREAM!! I had been using butt paste and that usually worked but not this time. So i tried this tea bath but she only stayed in for about 10 min. But the swelling and redness already started going away. To whoever posted this, thank you so much. Oh I also put the butt paste and baby powder when i put her diaper on. Im hoping this does the trick

Grandma Gin

Any regular tea works because it has Tannic acid in it which has an anti-bacterial, anti-enzymatic and astringent properties and this is why it works so well for severe diaper rash.
One of the most important things you can do is leave your baby to air dry after it's Tannic bath and change the diapers almost constantly. I changed my son every half hour when he had blisters on his bottom. Lying in urine and fecal matter is extremely harsh on a baby's sensitive and very tender bottom. If a rash appears for no reason consider running those diapers through an extra rinse cycle to make certain all the soap is out. My son had allergies so I did this as Standard Operating Procedure. A food allergy can also jump start an episode so beware of the bottom barometer! It is especially important to change diapers often plus if in disposable diapers with the plastic in direct contact with the diaper material or the baby's skin this can cause problems. With a regular diaper the baby can be laid on something water poof and forgo the plastic diaper covering for awhile. It helps to leave the diaper a little looser than normal for more air circulation if the baby is going to be lying down. I gave my son 'time out' of his diaper so air would help heal his skin faster, this helps! If the rash is an especially severe case in that the blisters have started weeping fluid or if it is 50% more blisters than skin be certain t0 have your baby checked out by a Doctor as prescription medication may be needed. Sometimes when your baby's system is in stress, as an illness, their body chemistry can change and the diaper rash can form almost between one diaper change and the next. Another culprit is if the baby lies in a soiled diaper too long. Of course this is not done on purpose, but it does happen on occasion so you must be especially alert while they are little and have super sensitive skin. You may get less sleep than normal but your baby's comfort is paramount and soon enough you will wish that they were tiny once more!


This worked amazingly. My 10 month old had severe diaper rash after having a stomach virus. It cleared up over night!!!


TEA!!!available worldwide the remedy is great thank to you all. my toddler had bloody blisters and couldn't seat or walk comfortably and this remedy is all i had at home...Africa we don't have all the fancy medicines but there's lotsa tea.i brew my tea when ready added my warm water(just good for baby temp)let baby play in the water like worked wonders and he changed mood immediately.the next day did the same two times and applied some lanolin since the blister was drying up lanolin helped to moisturises the skin next day he was healed.

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