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My little girl got a diaper rash yesterday that was to blisters in some areas. A friend of mine told me about tea baths. She has 4 children and swears by it.
All you do is run a warm bath and through tea bags in the water. You need it to be strong so I used around 12 regular tea bags. You have them sit and play in the tea as long as they'll stay or until the water starts to cool. I was able to get mine to stay 20 min.
I then put triple antibiotic ointment on her privates and powder on top of that.
We did this around 9:30pm and by 4:30am it was completely cleared.

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I tried this tea bath after my 10 month old son had been screaming for about three hours. I tried everything. Every over the counter balm, the oatmeal bath, I even tried prescription cream. Nothing worked. After soaking him in the tea bath for about twenty minutes, I dried him real good and powdered his diaper area. Worked like a charm. You could already see the swelling and blistering begin to subside and he went right to sleep.

Rachel R. F.

My 8 month old son has an awful diaper rash. NOTHING is working, not even his prescription! I will try this ASAP and thank you so much!!!

Randi Fore

My son has diaper rash for the very first time he is 19 months.It is horrible from having so much diarrhea so I am trying this as soon as I finish typing this.


Will any type of tea work? My son is miserable everytime we have to change his diaper and he has a little diaherra. I've been patting it clean and loading the A&D on but it hasn't seemed to help. Before his bath I lather on a bunch of Vasoline so that it doesn't burn when he gets in the water. What are your best types for a tea bath? Do you prepare your babies bottom before the bath with any creams or just put them in the tub dry?


My nephew had a really bad rash we tried this and it worked to the person who posted this thank you so much!!! He was so uncomfortable with his rash and this just put him at ease.


My 4 month old has had an awful rash and i tried this and within hours the redness and irritation started going away. Thank you so much!!


Does ANY type Boyd tea work ladies???? Are we talking regular Luzianne or what?


What kind of tea bags...and how many....please baby has severe diaper rash from diarhea....he cries every diaper change....and he even cries when i rinse his bottom with warm water...please help


My 4 month old has A PRETTY BAD diaper rash mostly around his private area an rite below his belly botton and I've been using destin which doesn't do anything lately...I even try the petroleum jelly that I have from the hospital from his circumcision..and this rash is still there, I'm starting to think its the this will be my last options before I consider calling his doctor! Keeping my fingers cross!


Chamomile is soothing but regular tea will work as well.

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