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I had a very stubborn and painful plantar wart for 5 years which did not respond to any home treatments or over the counter treatments (acid/freeze away). With no results on my own, I decided to enlist the help of a podiatrist. The course of treatment was two fold- he zapped the wart with the pulse dye laser during one session and then 2 - 3 weeks later I came back and had the wart 'painted' with beetle venom (canthrone - from the blister beetle). In total I had 3 venom sessions and about 5 laser sessions. There was no one treatment that worked for me, however by combining the two treatments, I finally found relief. My foot wart free for over 3 years now and the skin at the wart site looks almost seamless.

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blister beetle juice works very quickly and cannot scar since it works between the dermis and epidermis. However, the blistering was very painful for me when I used it. So much so that I have been reticent to continue the treatment.

It isn't available in USA but can be ordered from Canadian pharmacies.

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