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Apply a small amount of baby oil to baby's head and brush his or her hair with a baby hair brush. Repeat daily until gone.

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this usually works like a charm!!tested and tried.

Amanda, South Carolina

i too have tried this on my baby... really works!!


I have 4 kids and this ALWAYS worked. (It's hard to resist picking at the crust I know, but DON'T pick at it).


Be cautious wth this method if your child have sensative skin it may cause blistering.


I also have 3 kids and this works great... like posted before dont pick at the cradle cap you can irritate it and cause infection!


My Dr. says that cradle cap is an oil problem and not to use oil on the head. He suggest dandruff shampoo. It worked for me. THe oil is only a temp remedy.


I've not used baby oil but I have used olive oil when giving them a bath. I would rub it in then wash their hair. After they finished their bath I took a baby brush or a comb and GENTLY massaged the infected area and it would help loosen the cradle cap from the scalp.


My 18 yr old son still has 'cradle cap' - we've used 'everything' there is & he is prescribed a daily shampoo called Ketoconazole, it has to be prescribed by a Dr. though - so far he's on his 3rd bottle, he's still having some dandruff but not the scales he did have. He's embarrased about going to get his haircut, but I personally think its not as bad with his hair shorter. Has anyone else had this problem?


18 yr old with cradle cap? Diet. Check for allergies, and make sure he eats enough Essential Fatty acids like flaxseed oil, and plenty of water.


18 year old with Cradle Cap. My 8 year old has what looks like Cradle Cap however has been diagnosed with Psoriasis. With his hair cut very short to allow sunlight onto his scalp, watching his diet and particularly chocolate intake (as this seems to aggravate the condition, challenging his immune system (allergy)) and swimming in the salt water if possible helps. I'd definately look at what he's eating and possibly a good dose of sunlight (5 minutes only, don't want to get skin cancer) on his scalp. GOOD LUCK.

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