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Apply honey and brewer's yeast twice per day.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i think this one is how to get athletes foot. Wonderful


athelte's foot fungus feeds on sugar, usually from your blood through your skin, but if you want to make it easy for the fungus and put the sugar on top, why not?


If you put honey and yeast on your feet you'll have created a case of athletes foot so severe you'll place yourself in a hospital bed unable to walk.


Dioscorides described honey as being 'good for all rotten and hollow ulcers' about 2,000 years ago, when it was used to treat infected wounds. The ancients weren't so ignorant—research shows that honey inhibits the growth of about 60 species of bacteria, demonstrates antifungal effects against some yeasts, as well as the three species of fungi that commonly cause skin diseases.


I'm not going to say if this will work or not, but there may be method behind this madness

Women get yeast infections because a strain of the bug gets out of hand and goes rampant, right?

Stuff that's in ther right along but now suddenly siezes an oppertunity to go nuts. That's why anti-biotics that clear the playing field sometims cause yeast incections (the 'doesn;'t play nice with others strains take over'

and things like yogurt help by introducing competing strains of biotics.

Same thing with feet. introduce a kinder-gentler yeast, and maybe it will out compete the mean strain then die out when its prefered food (the honey) is gone


Honey and yeast...sounds like a great combo. If I was a fungus this would be my meal of choice.

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