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Remedy Queen

Constipation stinks and I've struggled with it my whole life! I realized that salty foods are not the best things for constipation, like chips and things. But a natural remedy is a good glass or two of apple juice. It softens stool and out it goes! If that doesnt work... try a laxitive solution like Miralax... and put it in the apple juice and mix it around... let it sit and dissolve then drink it and you should be relieved in the next 6 hours! You could also try pepto bismol sometimes it works, depending on your case. Best of Luck!!

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No...Pepto will CAUSE constipation.


I agree, Pepto is used to stop the process of BM.


Pepto definitely makes my problem worse!!


I agree, i think he meant Milk Of Magnesia. but he was trying to help so thank you.

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