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# Garlic and onion have been in use since the olden times. You may topically apply the juice of garlic or onion in order to speed up the ripening process of the boil so as to allow the pus to flow out and initiate rapid drying up of the boil. You may also apply a mixture containing equal quantities of onion and garlic on the boil surface. You may also include 2 or 3 pieces of garlic in your diet to ensure healing of the boil.
# Milk cream is another very effective ingredient in treating your boil. The cream of the milk when applied on the boil top will help to soften the skin surface of the boil. Milk will also help to form head of the boil so that pus can flow out. You may also put soaked bread in boiled milk on the top of the boil.
# Parsley leaves are also very effective in treating boils. Boil the parsley leaves until they become very soft. Then apply it as a poultice covering with a white clean cloth. This will help to open the mouth of the boil so that the pus can be released.
# Betel or margosa leaves are also very useful in healing the boil. You should at first heal the betel leaves till it becomes soft. Then smear the leaves with castor oil and apply them on the boil surface. Another very useful home remedy for boils is boiling of 15 to 20 neem leaves in half liter of water and continue boiling the mixture until the volume reduces to one of third of the original volume. Then allow the mixture to cool down and then gently apply the solution on the boil head.
# Bitter gourd extract is a very good home remedy for boils. The bitter gourd extract kills the germ of the boils and reduce the intensity of infection. In case you find difficulty in applying it on the top of the boil, you may have it in empty stomach in the very early morning along with lemon juice.
# Turmeric is especially famous for its antiseptic properties. Make a paste of 4 to 5 spoons of roasted turmeric with water and apply in on the boil surface.
# You may also try out with the paste of cumin seeds. Grind the cumin seeds and form a paste with water. This will lower down the intensity of the boil infection.

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The substance in onions which gives them their characteristic odor and flavor is mustard oil, a volatile oil which is highly toxic. Its vapors are so irritating that they cause profuse watering of the eyes just by being in contact with the vapors for a few seconds. This oil, if applied directly to the skin, would cause extreme redness and blistering.

Anyone can testify to the fact that after they have eaten onions, even if it was only a small amount, the onion smell stays in their breath for a long time afterward. The body eliminates much of this toxic oil through the breath as it attempts to get rid of this poison from the system.

In The Complete Book of Food and Nutrition, J.I. Rodale relates a series of experiments concerning the adverse effects of eating onions.

the body regards garlic as a poison and attempts to eliminate it as soon as possible. Anyone knows that when they ingest garlic (even a very minute quantity) the odor will remain on the breath and even the skin will smell of garlic. The body is eliminating this poison through the lungs and skin, which seem to be the most rapid and efficient routes.

Galic, onions, salt, are natural antibiotics and what does anti means 'against life' which mean your killing the good bacteria.

Galirc has Allicin is an antibacterial agent and an extremely irritating liquid. It has a drug-like property which, like any other drug, destroys life. Antibacterial agents kill bacteria. Do we wish to kill bacteria? Certainly not! Bacteria are essential components to life and without them life would not continue.


I've found that the onion remedy really works. I had a boil under my arm and it was very painful for four days. I looked this up and tried this and it really worked. I boiled the onion and placed it under my arm pit with a hot towel as hot as i can stand it and within 4 hours it came to a head. After I kept appling the warm towel to it and 5 hours later it bust. Oh talking bout I feel 3 times as better than i did n the last four days. Thank GOD cus nothing can really explain how I felt before i read this home remedy. Thanks a bunch,keisha

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