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Ok, some of you won't like this remedy but, I promise it will work for exposed nerves, gum pain and mouth ulcers at least until you can get to the dentist. However, getting this product will be limited to some people.

There is a product sold online and in adult stores called analese. No need for explanation for what it's supposed use.

This product has the EXACT same ingredients as orajel. However, the difference lies in the cocentration of pain killer. Analese contains almost twice of what's in orajel plus, it has a nice cherry flavor. Still doesn't taste great but, better.

I was at first skeptical but, after seeing a coworker use it and seeing many people come in the store to buy the product for toothpain alone, I had to try it on a mouth ulcer. WOW! pain gone in a couple of minutes.

So, if you have an adult store in your area (a nicely lit one, not a sleazy one)try it out for yourself.

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Anial esa works guys i didnt think it does but in about 2 or 3 mins i was pain free i have been in pain all day tryed everything and no it is 4 in the morning and i am pain free maybe i can go get some sleep if nuthing elese works for you guys try this it help and i only have a half of a tooth.


It does really work.


When I saw this I started cracking up cuz I so have some in my panty drawer LOL. I'm trying this out right now and do believe I will be completely satisfied thank u so much.


That was a great idea. I dont have anal ease but I do have the Deep Throat numbing spray and it worked. Thanks

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