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To cure an ear infection and pain of ear infection both for anyone of all ages, even infants, use garlic oil. Just break open a capsule and pour it in your ear. Lay down on the opposite side for a few minutess so it can drain in good. About 20 minutes later the pain should be gone and the ear will not bother you again, but it is good to do a second time after a few days just to be sure.

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Thanks for all of your help...I'm off to the pharmacy!!!


My son has had an ear infection for a month straight. I have tried a lot of stuff. I have been using Mullein Garlic drops for three or four days and so far no sign of change. It eases the pain temporarily, but it is still there.
I think it works best if caught earlier on.


My daughter has had a lot of ear infections leading to tubes in her ears. Since then the occurances has been greatly reduced but still every now & then she gets an ear ache. Yesterday she was complaining of it being sore and didn't want to just wait till it got bad enuf for the doctor so I ended up here. I wanted to try garlic oil but had none so I finely slice two cloves and let them sit for some time in a just a little olive oil. I didn't have a dropper so she may have gotten more than a few drops, then she went to bed with a wool sock filled with warm rice on her ear. Then after having been in bed for a few hours she woke up throwing up! I don't know if it is just a coincidence or, I wonder if its not because she ingested too much garlic...we had garlic in our supper that night as well. Anyhow when she got up this morning I asked her how her ear was and she told me that it was still blocked but that she didn't feel any more pain.


My son has a throat infection. He is 8 months old and I do not want to give him antibiotics. It has not been 24hours yet. Does anyone have any suggestions?


How do you get the oil out of your ear?


THANK YOU! I just made some garlic oil using olive oil and garlic as was recommended in prior posts and used it in my 17 month old's ear... it works! It's only been about an hour but he is a different child than he has been over the last couple of days. At first, he was upset I put it in his ear but that only lasted about five minutes. After about 20 minutes, he was talking and interacting with me instead of the constant crying. Thank you again!


I used garlic oil from the capsule mixed with a bit of olive oil and slightly heated, dropped into the ear, left it sit for 3-5 minutes with my head tilted the other way. My ear felt 'clogged' after that and the pain was still there. maybe I don't have the right kind of problem for this treatment because it didn't work. It hurts all the way down my jaw line especially when i eat and at night when i sleep on it. Sorry but this didn't work for me, I'm going to try the vinegar solution someone else recommended next.


The garlic oil really works i tried everything and this is the only thing that helped


Im going to try this right now!

Good samaritan

We tried it for the first time and had GREAT success. We had purchased Herb Pharm Garlic Mullein Compound from Amazon. When our toddler was diagnozed with middle ear infection, we applied this garlic oil 2-3 drops, 3 times per day for 2 days. By 2nd application, he stopped giving any indication of pain. After 10 days, we took him to the doctor and his ear is clear and no signs of infection.

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