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To cure an ear infection and pain of ear infection both for anyone of all ages, even infants, use garlic oil. Just break open a capsule and pour it in your ear. Lay down on the opposite side for a few minutess so it can drain in good. About 20 minutes later the pain should be gone and the ear will not bother you again, but it is good to do a second time after a few days just to be sure.

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I have found that after months of continuous ear infections my 1yr old had that I had gotten desperate. Not Amoxillan, Omnicef, Augmentin, or Zithromax couldn't take the pain or the infection away. I used garlic oil capsules and the hot onion. I put a needle through the capsule and squeezed the oil in the ear. I put an onion in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and held it against his ear (but don't touch the ear cause its hot). The steam of the onion melted wax and soothed his pain. Eventually he will get tubes in his ear because I have seen him suffer enough.


I've used garlic oil for all of my children. The best way to get rid of an ear infection.

Greatful Mommy in PA

After three years of continuous ear infections, my sister recommended trying garlic oil to relieve my son's latest ear infection. Although skeptical, I tried it. After one application of the oil, he was a different child! He didn't tug at his ears and cry or tilt his ear to his shoulder, which are his classic pain signs. I'm certainly a believer. I took him to his doctor anyhow and found that the infection was subsiding, his ear was not very red and he was doing much better after only one day.

Angela, age 24

A couple of days ago I had an ear ache that wouldn't let me sleep. I checked this site and tried the garlic oil capsule method. I dropped the oil into my ear and lied for a few minutes. I then put a cotton ball in my infected ear and took an hour nap. When I awoke, the pain was gone but I kept the cotton ball in my ear for about 24 hrs. The pain hasnt come back since. Great home remedy!!


how do you get garlic oil????


You can buy garlic capsules from the pharmarcy and squeeze it through a dropper and then put drops in infected ear. Or you can take olive oil and heat 1-2 cloves of garlic on slow heat for a few minutes (its better if you slice it) before frying it in the olive oil. Then just let the oil cool down and put a few drops in the infected ear.


This is a life saver!!!!!
I have chronic ear infection with severe pain. I usually end up with it after catching a cold. Now I'm pregnant and my doctor didn't recommend antibiotics and I was looking for other options. Then I found the suggestion of using garlic oil and I've tried it. Now I mind you, couple of days ago I've been taking Tylenol every 6 hours because I couldn't put up with the pain otherwise. I was crying from pain the night before. My husband bought some garlic oil capsules and we tried it immediately once he came home. First I've noticed that I didn't need to take my Tylenol once the 6 hours was over. It hurted a bit but nothing serious so obviously I didn't need pain killer. Then we repeated the oil treatment before going to bed. I slept through the night actually without any pain and here I am, 24 hours without pain killer, and I can't believe how quickly it worked! No ear ache whatsoever! I doubted before because I usually do, and because I've tried so many things and nothing worked as far as natural remedies. Thanks for posting this idea! Please, if you have ear ache, you must try this!
The one thing I don't like is the constant garlic smell around me, but it might be my pregnant nose makes me nauseous but it's well worth it!


I tried using garlic oil on my 4 year old toddler from the garlic capsule.
She just had come off an ear infection and had caught a cold, I thought I use this as with colds she gets an ear infection.
I want to repeat it as her cold is not all gone.
How many times can you use the garlic oil in the ears, meaning how ofter.
Input is appreciated.


I have an ear infection after having the flu and did not want antibiotics so I gave this a try and it was not an instant cure for me (I have a sore throat along with this so maybe my ear infection is worse that previous comments) it did however make me feel better. I did one capsule first thing in the AM and kept cotton in my ear all day then repeated right before bed and kept cotton in my ear all night. I feel tons better than I did yesterday morning and my sore throat (probably from drainage) is getting better. Thanks


PS... for the previous comment about the smell use odorless garlic capsules. Works the same without the smell.

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