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For almost immediate relief from those night time leg cramps, I put about 1/3 teaspoon of salt under my tongue (seems to work faster that way) and the pain is usually gone by the time the salt desolves (at least this works for me).

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Georgia B.

I haven't tired the salt or soap. But I will. An Ice Pack works ASAP! The problem is you got to get up and walk to get the ice pack. Once you apply the ice to the leg the leaves the pain leaves
right away.


Been taking a pinch of salt for a couple months now. I get get severe cramps. Works in seconds


I had a Juior high school teacher that told me about the salt. Saves me everytime. I'm 53yrs old now. It was good to hear someone else talk about it. I wish I could find something to prevent the cramps than treat them with salt, but until then I will always have salt with me. I can't camp in a tent anymore because my cramps are too entense and often. I miss camping in a tent.


I keep salt in car as immediate relief when I get foot cramps while driving. And some by bed for night cramps. But why does it work so quickly? Tonic water does similar but not as quickly!

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