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For almost immediate relief from those night time leg cramps, I put about 1/3 teaspoon of salt under my tongue (seems to work faster that way) and the pain is usually gone by the time the salt desolves (at least this works for me).

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I have also tried alittle salt on my tongue and yes it really works for me as well. Takes about a few secs to a min to relieve the pain. I walk alot and I dance weekly so it wears on my legs.


A hunting friend told me of a time in the bush when a mate doubled up in agony at night. He slipped him a teaspooon of salt and water whereupon the guy sat up and laughed.

I do this treatment for my wife when she gets cramps at night. Works in 2 minutes flat!
John Riley

Lisa Taulman

WONDERFUL!! Have been fighting leg/feet cramps for years! Tried all the rub/OTC ointments. THIS WORKS FAST! Thank u, thank u! I am so grateful for a FAST solution! No more crying in the shower under hottest water & expensive ointments for me! Don't know how u found this remedy, but this is the best!


I read about electrolytes and a tip about leg cramps - keep water nearby with a pinch of salt in it and take when cramp occurs and they do go away almost immediately. I need something to prevent the cramps which disturb my sleep. Have tried spoonful of mustard, (before bedtime) and rubbing vapor rub on my calves. Both help some nights.

Darrell Hampton

Thank you thank yoy thank you...relief was immediate. After an hour I had to repeat the salt but beats the hell out of tears and pain! Did I say thank you?? Yeah!


Trying this remedy for extreme pain right now. I must say - the salt is causing some discomfort in that I just don't like the taste of salt but it sure seems to be helping. Thanks for the tip!


My husband's whole body has been cramping all day so I got on the web to try and find something we have here at home that might help and I ran across this post. I thought well...can't hurt to try. He put the salt under his tounge and within 30 sec all the cramping had stopped. I can't believe it works that fast! Thanks so much for posting this!


I've had severe leg cramps most of my life.
I eat some table salt, or sea salt, and within a minute
or less, the cramp is gone! Also I drink a little water
with it. It is the only thing that works for me.

Ann H.

What works for me is keeping a heating pad on my bed at lowest setting, and, when a cramp awakens me, immediately straighten my cramped leg and slide the leg slide over it. Sometimes I have to use the other foot to hold up the toes while pressing down the heel of the cramped foot. You can chase the pain as it moves up or down the leg adjjusting the painful portion of the leg to the heating pad. The benefit of this method is I can continue to lie warm in bed, while performing the treatment. It works as soon as the leg is warmed enough.

Georgia B.

I haven't tired the salt yet. But I will. An Ice Pack works ASAP! The problem is you got to get up to get. Once you apply the ice to the leg the leaves right away.

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