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Hello everyone! I got diagnosed with herpes in February 2010. I had constant outbreaks, I was put on once a day valtrex which did work, but as soon as I would miss one pill I would break out and it would be worse then all the rest of my previous outbreaks. I decided I didn't want to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life so I began looking at natural remedies and through a lot of trial and error and some very painful outbreaks I have found out what works for me. I hope that this will work for you too :-)
-I only wear underwear when absolutely needed, when at home I wear baggy pants that allow for a lot of air flow
-I clean the area where I get outbreaks religiously everyday and dry it out completely with a small fan everyday, I really think that this part is key.
-I take a multivitamin everyday to help my immune system.
-whenever I would get an outbreak before I monitored what food I was eating and was looking for a correlation between my outbreaks, I found that rice and I do not get along and that whenever I would eat it I would shortly have an outbreak.
-I have completely cut out alcohol.

I have been outbreak free for a month now, and for someone that would get them back to back nonstop that is a long time.
watch what you eat, write it down and see if there is a correlation between a certain food and your outbreaks. I know that everyone is different but I really hope that you can find what works for you. I know that it is hard to live with herpes, but you are not alone. I wish you all the best :-) love and hugs.

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Don't upset by it. It is just a virus to most of the people after the careful managment. If you feel alone after get it, I recommend a warm-hearted wherpes dating site for you: Hsoulmate,com . There are
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I'm 26 and have had it since I was 16 :0( through out the years I have learned the main trigger is STRESS!!! If I stress about something for more than a couple days by the end of the week its there! Now 10 years later I get maybe 1 out break a year ! I hope for everyones sake on this site they find a cure here soon!!! Good Luck


thank you sooo soo much for the kind words!! and for your experience, it gives me hope!!

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