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If you are experiencing an abcessed tooth you will eventually need antibiotics. I'm a medical assistant at an urgent care n see ppl in great dental pain. I've been there. I actually ODed on accident on tylenol trying to kill the pain with no relief. When I FINALLY got to the dentist the dental assistant told me to try whole cloves in my gums if the horrible situation ever reoccured. Unfortunately it did :( but this time I tried her suggestion. And it WORKS better than all the over the counter pain killers you can get. Just buy whole cloves from the spice section. The look like tiny brown flower bud bases. Which is exactly what they are. I break off the spiny edges n stick then in my gums near where they are hurting. Subconsciously I've learned to associate the taste of the cloves with pain relief as well so its double the reaction. I hope this works for anyone that happens upon this link in their desperate attempts to kill the worst pain known to man- DENTAL PAIN! Good luck!

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