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Hi all! I can sympathize with anyone dealing with tooth infections and the pain. I have a tooth I have had a filling, the tooth cracked the next day, two root canals, and a crown over the past 15 years. Even after two root canals I still have a tiny bit of nerve left due to the tip of one root taking a 90 degree turn before the end. As a result, I still feel pain in this tooth just like before the root canals. Its miserable, because it gets infected a lot. And infections can build up resistance to anitbiotics over time. A few years back, when the infections were less often, I was without dental insurance and in dire need of getting the infection gone. I was desperate. My tooth throbbed, my ear hurt, and I had headaches that would turn into migraines. Like I said, I was desperate, I remembered mom always saying to use warm salty water to gargle when I had a sore throat because the salt helps heal but it also draws out any infection. So I decided I needed salt on that tooth. I took a small glass and a goodly amount of salt and added hot water to dissolve the salt. You will have to play with it to get the right strength for you. The salt does tend to be harsh on the gums and tongue. BUT drop 3 or 4 cotton balls to soak in the salt water while it cools. When the mixture is to room temperature, take the cotton balls one at a time and squeeze a bit of the water out, the fit them around the infected tooth both on the cheek side and the tongue side. If you fit them right you will also have covered the bottom of the tooth too. The mixture in the cotton balls will seep out, just spit it out. I have done that all day before, or just worn them a few hours at a time. Every time I change them out, the tooth feels a bit better. But if you leave the cotton balls in long enough, you may see discoloration on the cotton balls where they were in contact with the tooth. I always figured that's the infection getting drawn out. A few days of that, and my tooth is loads better, granted my gum and tongue are a bit worse off, but its worth it to get the infection gone.
Hope this helps someone!

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T in Missouri

Thank you very much for this. I have an abcess tooth right now myself. I cannot afford a dentist, nor can I afford insurance right now. Anyways long story short, I needed help immediately and I found your post and just want to thank you so much for posting this. I am trying it now to see how it works.
Thank you!

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